Trivia: Junk Food Can Worsen a Bad Mood

junk food

According to a New US study, unhealthy eating can only worsen a bad mood.

Penn State researchers recruited 131 women who consume junk food regularly and concerned with the image of their body. These ladies do not have any eating disorders.

The researchers gave each woman a handheld computer that they used to answer questions about their eating behaviors and moods several times a day.

According to a research associate named Kristin Heron: "What we know about mood and eating behaviors comes primarily from studies with eating disorder patients or from laboratory studies.

We were interested in studying women in their everyday lives to see whether mood changed before or after they engaged in unhealthy eating and weight control behaviors."

They found out that those women who were in bad mood before eating junk food had worse mood.

On the other hand, the moods of those women who were in a good mood before eating junk food remain the same.

"There was little in the way of mood changes right before the unhealthy eating behaviors.

However, negative mood was significantly higher after these behaviors," Heron explained.

Last weekend, Heron presented her findings at the American Psychosomatic Society Conference which was held in Miami, Florida.
7 years ago