Video Approval Up Coming Changes

As from tomorrow, we are going to change the way we deal with videos uploaded on our platform.
Going forward, any video uploaded will be approved automatically on your channel for your viewers.
No more waiting hours for your video to be approved. Note! Your video will no longer be automatically published on our site category or featured on our home page as a result of this.

It is all about your channel now, so you need to focus on building a channel that people will like so that they can watch your videos.

We will only feature videos from producers channels that we like on our own site.

With this new update, we are also changing the way and amount we pay our producers. Those who can and want to promote their videos themselves will now be paid $5 view based CPM.

If you want us to pay our iPromoters to share your video, we will pay you $2 view based CPM as before.

You can preview what the interface will look like from this link

When uploading videos, we will ask you how much you want us to pay you, based on your selection, after your monetization has been approved, we will pay you for all your views based on it.

Below are the payment options

  • $5: view based CPM – You will promote the video yourself
  • $2: view based CPM – We will pay our iPromoters to promote your videos for you
  • $2: view based CPM – Your video is approved on your channel but we cannot pay others to promote the video because it is not unique.
  • $0: View based CPM – We cannot monetize your content.

IMPORTANT: Uploading Porn, Disgusting content, extreme violent videos showing beheading, accident scene e.t.c can get your account banned and your pending payment withheld.