Videos We Can Monetize

Dear iProducers

We have explained this to you all before but I think it is important that we do it again.

Our sponsors/monetization partners, those who are paying for the views are not interested in paying for videos that they think is NOT family friendly.

The word to take note of here is “They” not what iReportersTv think or what you think.

They do NOT even want videos, text or images that is sexually gratifying.

If you are not too sure of what we mean by “family safe content”, this will guide you. (If your video has
content which you wouldn’t be comfortable viewing at work or with family members around, then it probably isn’t an appropriate for monetization on iReportersTv.)

We will NOT be able to monetize and will delete any video you upload that falls under this category. This also include disgusting, gory or extreme violent content.

The type of content they want from our iProducers are TV standard content. Video content that are either entertaining, informational or educational. They want news worthy stories that are well written with proper grammar and title.

Going forward… we will NOT edit, correct or approve stories that are not in line with these rules.

Thank for your understanding


If you have NOT seen this… please read “Content Guidelines