We are through. Find out what changed!!

Dear Partners,

We tried our best but we did not make it this time. The premium brands and sponsors we were pitching did not buy our idea.

They said we have too many sexual, suggestive and trashy stories. They are not ready to sponsor such stories or associate with it.

We are back to the status quo. We will try again later.

Going forward… we would like you all to produce and share quality stories. Quality stories means top sponsors which is equal to more money for everyone.

I want to thank you all for your understanding and patience all through this process. A special thank you to those partners who gave us feedback via support.

I want to also thank the iReportersTV Team who with me have not really taken a proper break or slept well in the past 2 days. You all are the best I could not have asked for a better team.

I need to take a break now and will like you all to enjoy the rest of the day.

Yours Sincerely

Henry O.