What We Do?

iReportersTv is a technology company. To be more precise, we are a video blogging platform. Content creators worldwide, can use our technology to create a simple video blogging channel anytime any day.

But unlike any other video platform, we pay channel owners on a “Pay Per View” basis.

As a channel owner or independent producer (iProducer) as we like to call it, each time someone clicks to watch the video you are sharing, we track and record those views on your dashboard then pay you on a PPV (pay per view) basis.

We are the first video platform in the world that pays it partners this way.

Another revolutionary partnership programme that we created is the independent promoters programme (iPromoter). With this… we pay people for doing what they do naturally everyday … Sharing.

If you signup as an iPromoter, you can login to your dashboard, copy any video on the platform you like and share with your friends via your Facebook, Twitter, GooglePlus, Blog, Website, BBM, Email list, WhatsApp, Pinterest or any social media site.

As people click to watch these videos you are sharing, we track, record them, then pay you on a CPM basis. We pay between $0.5 – $7CPM for impressions you send us.

To partner with us as an Independent Reporter, so as to make money from our iProducer or iPromoter partnership programme, click on JOIN NOW