When You Go Out With Your African Dad’s car


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The only thing that will make somebody daddy run this fast is if you take his only car out. ?. This is the problem with having male children. Once they clock the age of 16 they believe they can now drive too but Mr Kasali does not play games with his car. As a matter of fact he usually keep the car key inside his cap and that’s why you shouldn’t wonder why he wears his cap to sleep. Kamoli being a sleek son found a way to sneak and take it out but he found out and pursued Kamoli like he’s Usain Bolt. kamoli was going 30m/hr with the car but Mr Kasali was running 40m/hr. kamoli Switched to 70m/hr but mr Kasali Changed gear even higher to 80m/hr. No matter your speed or where you are, they will catch up with you and collect their car! ?. Never underestimate the power of leg speed. Especially when African fathers take off their shoes

4 years ago