Young Lady Disgraced for Stealing from her Neighbour


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Busted! This will really serve as a big time lesson to all those thieves out there who can't stay without trying to steal from someone else... People that can  never be contempted with what they have... People who can't pray and work hard to provide for their needs. I still wonder how people tend to risk their precious lives over some material things that are not worth it. 

This young Ivory Coast lady was caught stealing meat from from her neighbour's pot of soup. From our source, she used to steal from her neighbours anytime they 're not around. But this time one of the neighbours that has been suspecting her because she's always at home, had to set a trap for her by pretending to have left the house while she locked herself inside patiently waiting for the thief to invade again...and behold, this young female thief had a master key which she used in opening all the doors leading to the goody bags... she secretly entered the house and went straight to the kitchen, as she was busy stealing meats from the soup pot as usual, was nabbed by the house owner who exposed and thought her the biggest lesson of her life with the help of the neighbours who were also victims of such circumstance. We learnt that she stole a lot of things from the neighbours, some home materials like innerwears, wrist watches, money, some other valuables and the most funny part is the meat and food reserved in the kitchen which she mindlessly consume without a second thought.

Well, that serves her right... Y'all need to watch and share this video so that all those primary and secondary thieves out there would get to watch and learn...LOL! Stealing kills more faster than AIDS, please Stop!

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5 years ago