Yvonne Nelson Loses Temper and Attacks Journalist At Press Conference


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It seems Ghanaian actress, Yvonne Nelson, enjoys leaving controversies in her trail and last Friday was no exception when she nearly marred a press conference on the film, “Any Other Monday” by ABC Pictures at the African Regent Hotel, Accra.

The beautiful actress who is playing the lead role in the movie ranted and raved at the top of her voice because she was not happy with some of the questions asked by media personnel at the function.

During question time with the media, a journalist, Chuks Ineh from Adentan.com, wanted to find out from Pascal Amanfo, producer of the film, if a Nigerian member of the cast, Kunle Remi, had a work permit to feature in the movie in Ghana.

The question might have angered Yvonne who raised her hand signaling she wants to answer the question.

She asked the journalist to rephrase his question because she thought it did not make sense.

She then went ahead to say actors could shoot anywhere stating that anytime she is in Nigeria, everyone knows she is there to shoot a movie.

Yvonne’s temper rocketed when another journalist, Adeyemi Adebayo Victor, of ytainment.com asked why she was rubbishing the question asked by his colleague since the work permit issue is a directive from Film Producers Association of Ghana (FIPAG).

And before he could even end his question, Yvonne interrupted saying she already had a problem with Adeyemi and that she is ready to deal with him because he (Adeyemi) always wrote negative stories about her.

The actress, who is also a film producer, went on saying there were a lot of irresponsible journalists in Ghana and Adeyemi is one of them.

Yvonne who was obviously angry would not back down even when her other colleagues intervened. For more than three minutes, she was pouring out her anger on Adeyemi.

5 years ago
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