Yvonne Nelson says Dumsor can make me go blind


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Ghana tops glaucoma cases in the world
and Yvonne Nelson fears she might also
lose her eye sight if our power crisis isn’t
resolved anytime soon.
“We have a lot of glaucoma cases in Ghana...If am
not able to preserve my medication I can go blind, ”
she predicted.
According to her, she uses Xalatan to control the
pressure on her eyes and should the power
situation continue to worsen, storing her
medication in a refrigerator would be a problem
for her and this could make her go blind just like
her grandmother.
“My mother and I use Xalatan to control the
pressure on our eyes. If we are to ignore checking
the pressure, it would result in Glaucoma. My
grand mum had glaucoma and she got blind, ” she

3 years ago
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